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Awsome Exploit - $90 In 2 Hrs - Don't Leech Please

I personally don't like link shortner services but here's the exploit i found in, all you need to have is a little time to setup, like 3 mins, a computer, mozilla firefox and two addons which I will mention below.

1. Download mozilla firefox here
2. Register here (Please join under my referral, after all I am giving you exploit)
3. Install Mozilla addons IPFuck & ReloadEvery
4. Restart your firefox
5. Shortened any of your link through registered account.

Now the main part

Open a new browser and open 5 tabs pressing ctrl+t in firefox, paste shortened link in all 5 tabs and press enter, after loading press right click on the webpage and select "reloadevery" in the submenu select Enable, and the down second link is "for all tabs"


Please comment if you get any problem doing this exploit...

Please don't leeched, it will be a problem for you coz will patch this.

1 comment:

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